Our mobile Kitesurfing School takes you to the most awe-inspiring location in the Kingdom of Kerry ,to experience the thrill of Kitesurfing.

Our lessons are held in Brandon Bay Beach or Inch Beach depending on the wind direction.

The Brandon Bay beaches are open to the North Atlantic and often receive long rolling swells, which can provide excellent surf given suitable wind and tide conditions for all Kitesurfing lovers!

Kitesurfing Discovery Course

The discovery course is very much designed for those looking to get started. After completion, you will have the knowledge and practice needed to give you confidence with kite flying.

Main points:

  • Introduction to kitesurfing
  • Spot analysis
  • Wind directions
  • Safety systems
  • Wind window
  • Setting-up
  • Piloting
  • Launching
  • Landing

Discovery Course. €150- Private Lesson (3 hours).


Kitesurfing Intermediate Course

The Intermediate course is for those looking to expand their existing skills. Once completed, you will possess the proper skill and safety knowledge required to practice alone.

Intermediate Course price: €150- Private Lesson (3 hours).

Main Points:

  • Theory for water start
  • Advanced body dragging (crosswind and upwind)
  • Board recovery
  • Awareness of body positioning
  • Piloting one handed
  • Managing the kite’s power
  • Self-rescue
  • Water start in both directions


Kitesurfing Advanced Course

The Advanced course is for those who have confidence on the board and sufficient practice to meet the demands for this level. After completion, you will have gained more skill sets and the ability to begin your own experimentation with advanced techniques.

Advanced Course price: €150- Private Lesson (3 hours).

Main Points:

  • Riding upwind
  • Edging-Riding in both directions
  • Changing of direction
  • Controlling riding speed
  • First Jump


Kitesurfing ‘Zero to Hero’ Course

‘Zero to Hero’ Details – 1 Day and half Course

The ‘Zero to Hero’ course is a combination package of the other three courses available. You will learn, and hopefully master,the various techniques and disciplines that make up the other courses.We strongly recommend that you practice frequently between the different stages of your progression.This course will be quite demanding and without practice,students may find it hard to move on. Therefore,this course will normally take a few days to complete.

Zero to Hero.  €400- Private Lesson (9 hours).


Location: Pick up and drop off from Killarney Town,Beech Road by Discover Ireland Centre. Lessons are held in Brandon Bay Beach or Inch Beach depending on the wind direction.